Monday, July 14, 2014

Ice Cream Social

This is an Ice Cream Social with the theme of "With a Cherry on Top." I was asked to build this around my charming canopied, Tabletop Ice Cream Shop.  All serving pieces were included as well as all of my paper piecing art.

Special requests:
Theme-With a Cherry on Top
Colors-Neutrals, shades of blue, red and gray
Dessert Table-chalkboard, table serve-ware, crates, pedestals, stands, trays, bunting, menu cards, and food picks

This was really a fun party to create.  The neutral colors really popped.  Three sample tables were built, this was the winning table for 50 guests.



Jungle Theme Baby Naming Party

This was an adorable Jungle Themed Party, complete with Zebra Stripes & Palm Trees. I was asked to dress the table with my paper piecings, including centerpiece, tabletop props, food picks, name signage and menu cards.  The colors given were hot pink and, black and white zebra stripes.  Special requests were, lots of zebras, monkeys hanging in the trees, and a menu cards that blend into the dessert table theme.  This was such a fun party to build and I LOVE the way it all came together.   
Catering by: Desiree Chocolates

Saturday, July 12, 2014

It's a Girl

Hi friends, I just have a really short post for today. I have been fighting the flu for over a week now. I just can't seem to shake it, so needless to say I haven't done too much at all this week. This is actually a party I did a few months back.  Nothing huge, but I was able to use one basic pinafore pattern from My Scrap Chick for the bunting, favor boxes and pinafore centerpiece pokes. 

I had decided on pastel polka dot papers, which I didn't have, so I just did it digitally and print & cut the pinafore patterns from my Silhouette Cameo Collection Papers. The Pinafore was actually a shaped card, folded over at the shoulder.  I wanted the look of puffy sleeves so I glued the front of the pinafore to the back, leaving the sleeves unglued. This way, I could thread the ribbon right through each puffed sleeve, in one-side and out the other. Just add some mini clothes pins to the line and you have a darling bunting! It would have been cute to tie some fabric strips to the clothesline between the pinafores...a very vintage looking piece.  Very Simple, but really cute too.  
I also made some Pretty Poke Pinafores for the table centerpieces. These will stand up alone or you can drop them into a vessel by making the rosette the same size as the bottom of the vessel.  I used the Easy Rosette  file from My Scrap Chick to create a base for each stem. Then, I glued the straw to the center hole. (add a stick to that straw for stability) 

I made sure the Rosettes were rigid, so it would allow the straw to stand straight up.  I like to add either a metal washer or a quarter to the bottom of the rosette, just to weigh it down a little bit. I love the way this came out and really only took a couple hours to get it put together.  More adorable files from My Scrap Chick!! It's nice to be able to build an entire party using only a few files.   
So thanks friends for stopping by.  I have a couple new parties I will be working on in the next coming weeks.  See you soon!  Happy Crafting!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Thirty One Gifts

Hi Everyone!!

This year, I decided to add something else to my life, on a temporary basis...I THOUGHT!  This is why I haven't mentioned it.  In April, I became a Thirty One Consultant!!  I said I was only going to do it until the end of the Summer...but now I am having fun with it, and making a little money, so I think I will stick with it for a while. So, if you ever need a little something or would like to shop in our catalog...please don't hesitate to stop by my website at  Be sure to check out the currant sale section or just take a few minutes to browse the catalog with a friend. I will always have a party open that you can jump on and order. Be sure to add the $4. direct shipping charge so your order will go directly to you!! 
Thanks for stopping by.  
~Until next time....

Monday, June 23, 2014

Vintage Picnic Basket

I had a busy, busy weekend...or should I say, Saturday! I planned a outside picnic for 1800 guests and the last 25 minutes it didn't just rain, IT POURED, with 72 MPH winds!!  We lost a tent or two, but had a great time for 4 hours before this storm blew in.  I am glad it came at the end of the day, you know what they say, "the show must go on"!  
   So today, instead of trying to outdo myself with a detailed My Scrap Chick project, I just wanted to create something very simple. I decided to go with the MSC Picnic Basket and Sandwich file. I am thinking this Picnic Basket would make an adorable party favor box.  You can even add a cupcake insert to the inside because the lid comes off completely.  How about adding a crystal colored bead to the lid, for a vintage look?  
I turned to my paper for some inspiration and came across a sheet that was kind of cool looking.  It looked like wood slates or fencing and in the corners some very simple flowers and scallops were printing on it. I usually step it up a few notches and combine 2 or 3 files, but not today. I was originally thinking I would make a bunting for my backyard flower cart....but I am still so tired, I just needed something quick, but simple & beautiful. 
This cute little picnic basket took me all of 5 minutes to put it together.  I like the fact that all the pieces fit on one sheet of cardstock. I could have added 3D Flowers, some ribbon...maybe a button or two, but honestly, folks, I am just too pooped!!  It usually takes me a couple of days to recoup from this event...but this time the soaking rain on my old bones makes for an extra day or so on the couch...hahaha!!  So thanks for stopping by and check back again, I promise to share that bunting on my cute little flower cart soon. 

Until next time friends,
Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

BBQ Bash

Hi friends, 
Who doesn't love a Summer BBQ?  Let's jazz it up a bit with some darling menu cards for your picnic tabletops. All of these cards were made from just 4  My Scrap Chick files.
What a cute addition to any party! How cute would these be in a Circus Theme, or 4th of July? Add some ribbon bows or buttons to give dimension. My Scrap Chick has so many wonderful files you could use as menu watermelon, some-mores, concessions, even ice cream sundaes!!

Easel cards are intended to be used as a greeting cards, party invites, or announcements; though, I just LOVE to use them as menu cards on my party tables!

Files used:

Hot Dogs and Hamburgers        

Enjoy the start to a great Summer!  Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sprinkled with Love Baby Shower

Hi friends, I wanted to share this adorable baby shower I created for a little boy, titled Sprinkled with Love! The theme colors were shades of Gray, Yellows, and White. I mixed several files from some wonderful designers to complete this project. The centerpieces were created by two kits from My Scrap ChickCute as a Button Boxes and the Cupcake Stand File

So, let me try to explain how I did these little pedestals. I use them all the time and everyone is always amazed as to how it's done.  I use my kitchen stemmed water glass, similar to a wine glass with a bigger bulb. The stem and base are big and heavy so it would tip over.

I just place a luncheon plate over the rim of the glass. Be sure the plate rim is BIGGER than the opening of the glass, so it doesn't slip off.  Then, I take the top of the Cupcake Stand and place it over the plate, covering it completely. DONE! It's simple and darling.  Don't forget to fill your glass with pretty candies!  The ribbon on the pedestal is actually the printed cardstock cut into strips...nice took to tie everything together.  

I added double-sided Pretty Poke Storks from Little Scraps of Heaven, which were poked into the floral centerpieces on the dessert table.    
The Chevron Banner Round is from the Silhouette On-line Store from Snapdragon Snippets.

The little watering can with heart button and little boy rompers were added to the bunting to break things up and tie it all together.  Matching ribbon came from Hobby Lobby!!!  Too cute for words!! 


I don't do many little boy showers so this was really fun. I love the colors and the theme. Very simple but still elegant.  

On to a BIRTHDAY PARTY BOUQUET for this week friends.  Happy Crafting...stop by anytime!!